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Clinical Facilities Improvements

Expansion is a good and necessary step. Last year we saw our business expand and our needs increased, from a small start point our clinic today has become the main reference in our region. With more than one thousand procedures last year, it became clear we need a new project to accommodate this expansions and

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Complex Surgery – What You Should Know

Complex surgery is a fear word, everybody doesn’t feel comfortable when they hear such word. As the science makes new discoveries the medical field offers more options for patients make their decisions. Years ago it was clear they didn’t have options, today this scenario has changed and now everybody has many directions to choose. During

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New Medical Discoveries

During the latest year our ideas of medical improvements was drastically changed, we are now in front of so many discoveries. Scientist has made significant advances in the research field, from simple discoveries to complex ones, everyday there are something new in the market. In the cell medical engineering for example it is clear that

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