ErosionControl EC-1000 is added to the spray mixture to reduce the leaching effect of active agents of herbicides into deeper soil layer. This mixture infiltrates slowly the topsoil together with the crop protection and fertilizer substances and keeps them longer in the topsoil matrix close to the root area of the plants. This means the active substances are available longer and in greater concentration in the topsoil. Thus, herbicides can have a more prolonged effect and crops are better protected against hazardous damage as even in case of extreme events (e.g. severe precipitation, heavy wind) a displacement of the active substances by leaching or erosion is prevented. Furthermore, the topsoil is stabilized through the ErosionControl polymer layer as well as it prolonges the level of soil moisture.





In case of extreme dryness, crack formation and soil erosion can be avoided. When dried the protection forms again until the layer is finally completely degraded by natural soil organisms. ErosionControl EC-1000 is also suitable for preventive erosion protection of sides in ridge planting.

If the protective ErosionControl layer is missing on the topsoil, the pesticides mixture will be lost faster. ErosionControl EC-1000 prolongs the water holding capacity. Thus, the negative results of drought stress can be avoided.

The basis for ErosionControl EC-1000 are natural starches and flours. These are produced in a specially developed procedure of the amynova polymers® GmbH in our own factory.

At least 24 months – in cool, frost-proof and protected from direct sunlight storage, use open containers in a timely manner.

As a dipping agent for rooting systems, erosion protection, anti-leeching, hydro-seeding, soil improvement, thickening agents, ground minerals and fermentation fertilizers

• Homogenize before use, empty container completely or rinse (PAMIRA® return)
• Add MulchCover MC-1000 to the spray water with constant mixing
• then add the pesticides
• The application recommendations (application rate and spray sequences) of the pesticides used must be observed
• basically miscible with all common pesticides
• no sticking of the spray nozzles during spray interruption
• any sediment can be mixed up again
• immiscible with DOMAMON® L26

Even if MulchCover MC-1000 is not involved in the spraying mix, we generally recommend mixing mixes with several liters in advance, with several liters, at least 15 minutes waiting time and pouring over a fine sieve. Experience has shown that mixed intolerances are mostly due to the additives used in the pesticides for formulation, some of which are not listed in the safety data sheets. Since the composition of the formulation auxiliaries of the plant protection products may change, no guarantee is given with regard to mixed compatibility. For a new mixed variant, a previous mixing test is therefore obligatory. Our products have not been pasted since market launch in 2009.

• fully biodegradable
• depending on the recipe, application rate and weather conditions, several weeks of continuous use

Dealing with the product is safe (no dangerous goods). For more information refer to the safety data sheet.

• Viscose solution 1 – 2 Pas
• Can be sprayed with conventional injection units
• Layer thickness of dry substance 1 g / m² = 0.8μm
• Filter accessibility ≤ mesh 100
• Rain resistance 40 to 100 mm depending on application rate

BVL-Zulassung 6761-64